1. Medical and Polyclinic Activities
Medical treatment for worker
Medical treatment for family ( wife and children )
Maternal immunization ( for mother and baby )
Maternal treatment.
Family planning service (The progestogen-only pill (POP) and Depo Provera Injection (DP)
Minor surgeon
Medical check Up
Medical Check Up Periodically
50th > ; annually + EKG
40th – 49th per 2 years + EKG
<40th per 3 years
Food handler ; annually
Cancer Campaign ( cervical cancer, breast cancer, Pap smear program )
Avian Flu Prevention Campaign

2. Medical Allowance

Basically, medical treatment available in POLYCLINIC by medical personnel . In case of medical treatment by another hospital, medical allowance covered as below ;
Medical checkup by general practitioner / general doctor or specialist.
Medicine recipe by doctor
Laboratory or roentgen treatment

3. Hospital Allowance
If the worker needs to be treated / hospitalized at the Hospital, medical allowance covers the following costs;
Hospitalized in the company’s referrals hospital.
Class is determined by the company according to predefined standards.
Reimbursement of maintenance cost is given in accordance with the standard that has been set.

4. Maternal Allowance
Maternal allowance for workers of the first pregnancy to 3rd child.


5. JAMSOSTEK ( Social Security )
To ensure the protection, maintenance and improvement of the work of the workers and their families, the company shall insure the workers through the BPJS program Employment:
Personal Injury Protection
Pension plan
Life Insurance

6. Condolences Allowance
Condolences allowance for workers and received by their family such as husband, wife, or children of a legally marriage if there any demise incident.

7. Healthy Protection
The company provides safety equipment (APD) or occupational health that is adjusted to the relevant work field and K3 standard.