CCM Holding Company

PT Nagasakti Paramashoes Industry (PT NASA) is part of a big group of companies named Central Cipta Murdaya.

To synergize and strategize the growing number of companies owned, Central Cipta Murdaya (CCM) holding company was established in 1984 to manage over 84 subsidiaries in property, wood-based, trading and contracting, infrastructure and engineering, information and communication technologies (ICT), manufacturing, agribusiness, shoes and apparel and forestry industries.

Operating in major cities across Indonesia, the group has branch offices in overseas such as USA, Singapore, China, and the Philippines, employing over 45,000 personnel.

For over 3 decades CCM has been the nation’s asset with a strong commitment to the development of human resources, local social economic growth and value-added activities to the nation’s strength.

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