1. Means of worship and religious activity.
2. Employee Cooperation (KOPKAR NASA – Savings and Loans and minimarket )
3. Sporting Facilities, Volley, Basketball, Tennis, Badminton, Table Tennis.
4. Canteen: Hall of dining room [2 floor] and kitchen
5. Dormitory
6. Clinic;
Healthcare facilities with medical personnel 1 general doctor, and 2 nurses.
Opened for 24 hours.
1 unit of ambulance car.
8 bed observation room
Contraception service (Birth Control / Family Planning) ;
The progestogen-only pill (POP) and Depo Provera Injection (DP)
Equipment: Defibrillator [heart shock], ECG, nebulizer, sterilizing, spine board, scope stretcher.
10. Social Security (JAMSOSTEK)
12. Medical reimbursement
13. Maternal allowance.
14. Condolence allowance.
15. Uniform