League is produced by Berca Retail Group, a leading Indonesian company with more than 20 years of experience in manufacturing some of the world’s most valuable sports brands behind it. The company is a business unit within the highly successful Central Cipta Murdaya (CCM) Group, one of the biggest holding groups in Indonesia.

CCM group is known for its experience and reputation in a wide array of industries throughout Indonesia. This includes manufacturing infrastructural engineering, agriculture, property development, trade and services, and many more.

Our initial establishment as the exclusive licensee and distributor of international sportswear to over 90 countries means that we are used to meeting high standards. This also means that we hold our factories to the highest international standards of safety, efficiency and sustainability-and we have awards for outstanding operations to prove it!

We pride ourselves in taking care of the League family and the environment. Even with over 2,500 workers, our factories have set high safety standards: we have zero accident reports, advanced fire emergency response programs, as well as contractor and maintenance safety programs. Our eco-friendly sustainable factories also come with state-of-the-art production and waste management facilities.

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