The increasing trends in sports participating and active lifestyle in the country shows positive signal that drives the release of running shoes collection series Legas. Legas is created to answer the needs of the Indonesian people who wants to keep exercising without blowing their budget.

Legas is created as part of PT Berca Sportindo commitment to motivate us to always participate in exercise. The tagline “Keep Moving” literally means persuading people to move. Legas implores us to explore, maintain, and transfer motivation to one another to push our own potential to the fullest level.

Legas is part of the League, a sports brand from Indonesia which has been designing and manufacturing running, futsal/soccer, lifestyle, and basketball shoes.

Legas was launched in three cities, Surabaya, Jakarta, and Medan respectively on 8, 10, and 12 December 2014.

Source : http://league-world.com/en-us/legas/


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